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Setting Tx Power on-the-fly

Is it safe / effective to set Tx power during a connection open event (gecko_evt_le_connection_opened_id)? I am thinking no, but I'd like to have the BGM's Tx power as low as possible until a connection is made then increase it to ensure the best connection performance possible. 


Is the above sensible / possible?



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Re: Setting Tx Power on-the-fly




Not according to the API Guide:


NOTE: This command should not be used while advertising, scanning or during connection.




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Re: Setting Tx Power on-the-fly

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I saw that note and that is what prompted my question in the first place. Since I am attempting to conserve power while advertising and disconnected AND achieve the best possible RF performance while connected I was wondering if there was a strategy to manipulate the TX power dynamically to do this....or if it's even worth the effort.


If I must avoid using this function when a connection opens then perhaps I can use a connect / reconnect process that sets the TX power and then returns to the lower TX power upon the a subsequent disconnect.