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Running BLE112 code on Thunderboard Sense


We are a fledgling startup looking to use the SiLabs platform. I have done some of my development work using the BLE112 module and am evaluating the Thunderboard Sense to ease the portion about uploading the sensor data to the cloud.


However, I have not been able to find any documentation on programming the sense, or syntax differences between programming the sense vs. BLE112. Any such resources would be helpful.



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Re: Running BLE112 code on Thunderboard Sense

Have you done your BLE112 programming in C or BGScript?


The API commands to use the Bluetooth stack are quite similar between BLExxx products and Blue Gecko based products (such as the TB sense). 


We have a BLE113 -> BGM113 migration guide, see following link:


If you are familiar with BLExxx products then this document might help you understand what are the differences in the API commands.

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Re: Running BLE112 code on Thunderboard Sense



For the TB Sense specifically you have the user's guide which shows the sensors on the board and how they interface with the EFR32MG. For example, sensors are in groups and they are powered by different power supply switches, the user guide shows a block diagram of those. If you couple this with the examples in simplicity studio it's already a good starting point.


As for migration from BLE112, there is a migration guide available for migrating from BLE113 to BGM113, but the software related changes apply to BLE112 as well: