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New Wireless Gecko SoCs and Bluetooth Software released

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On March 14th 2017, Silicon Labs released new SoCs to widen its Wireless Gecko portfolio with the new EFR32xG12 devices supporting Bluetooth 5 features, with larger memory options, enhanced cryptography acceleration support for multiprotocol to name a few of the new features. The EFR32xG12 devices are available for order. Please check the device specs from the press release and the product pages.



Together with new devices we released new version of the Bluetooth SDK v2.3.0.0, as part of the Gecko Suite SDK v1.0.0.0. The SDK added support to newly released products, but also added features like:

* Switched multiprotocol between Bluetooth and zigbee
* Bluetooth 5.0: 2M PHY support for EFR32BG12/MG12
* Bluetooth 5.0: Advertisement sets support
* Bluetooth 4.2: 250B ATT MTU and 128B link layer packet support
* EFR32BG12MG12 hardware support
* Gecko Bootloader support
* GCC compiler support (Beta)


Get your hands on the new SDK by downloading or upgrading to the latest Simplicity Studio v4 and using the package manager to download the Bluetooth Smart SDKv2.3.0.0.


We created a FAQ about the software release, please check if your question has been already answered or post a question as a comment:

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Re: New Wireless Gecko SoCs and Bluetooth Software released

Here's a short summary of the new and improved features in the Bluetooth SDK 2.3.0.



Bluetooth features

  • Bluetooth 5 - 2M PHY (EFR32xG12 devices only)
  • Bluetooth 5 - Advertisement sets
  • Bluetooth 5 - Scan event reporting
  • 250B ATT protocol MTU
  • 128B link layer packet size


Apple HomeKit

  • Apple HomeKit R8 support added
  • R8 implementation tested and approved by Apple


Boot-loaders and firmware updates

  • Improvements to Over-the-Air firmware update
  • New Gecko boot-loader 
    • Adds support for authenticated and encrypted firmware updates
    • Adds support for secure boot
    • Support for external SPI flash chips
    • Flexible flash partitioning
    • Optional for EFR32BG1 SoCs and BGM modules
  • Switched multi-protocol support
    • Gecko boot loader can now boot different wireless stacks and applications


Bluetooth SDK and Tools

  • Apple HomeKit R8 support
  • GCC compiler support added
  • New example applications for Gecko boatload and switched multi-protocol
  • Android application with OTA support released



Software Features and Benefits

Bluetooth Software Features Benefits
Bluetooth 5 – 2 Mbps PHY Deliver greater data throughput or lower average power consumption by approximately 15% with shorter transmit and receive (TX/RX) times.
Bluetooth 5 – Advertisement sets Build more advanced beacons which can send iBeacons and EddyStone advertisement at the same time and capture scan requests at the application level.
Switched multi-protocol support Improve consumer experience with Bluetooth based setup from smartphones and commissioning onto zigbee networks by switching protocols.
Apple HomeKit R8 Build Apple HomeKit accessories compliant with the latest Apple HomeKit R8 specification quickly and easily and save up to 12 months of development time.
Gecko Bootloader Enable authenticated and encrypted field firmware updates for enhanced security. Enable switched multi-protocol support and bootloader field updates.
250B ATT protocol and 128B LL packet Provide 2 X throughput when using acknowledged ATT operations. Up to 1000kbps throughput with 2M PHY and 600kbps with 1M PHY.
Simplicity Studio with GCC compiler Develop in C with a free GCC compiler and make use of additional tools including Energy Profiler and Packet Trace.