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New GBL format support in bgproj xml?

Hi, the latest version (2.2) of UG119 does not mention anything about the new GBL firmware upgrade format. It only mentions the EBL format.


Will the bgproj configuration support the new GBL as defined in UG103.6 in the future?

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Re: New GBL format support in bgproj xml?




From v2.3 of the Bluetooth SDK BGScript is marked as deprecated, and it will not support gbl file format. In turn GCC is now enabled in Simplicity Studio, so it is suggested to migrate your projects into C language.


If you still want to use BGScript:

1) you can still use the legacy bootloader instead of gecko bootloader. Sample applications for EFR32BG1 devices still come with the legacy bootloader, which uses .ebl.

2) you can enable legacy file format in the Gecko bootloader. In this cases Gecko bootloader processes .ebl files, too, not only gbl

3) if you stick to gbl

  a) you can create a .hex file with BGScript 

      <build hexout="wstk_bgapi.hex"/>

  b) you can convert .hex to .s37

      arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O srec wstk_bgapi.hex wstk_bgapi.s37

  c) you can create .gbl from .s37

      commander gbl create wstk_bgapi.gbl --app wstk_bgapi.s37


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