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EFR32BG1B SDK configuration



I designed a custom board using the EFR32BG1B132F256GM48 chip. I've tested the board using the thermometer example and changed all the options to accomodate the new chip model but I've been unable to get it to work with the ble sdk v2.1.1.0 (the code runs well but it doesn't start advertising). However when I switch to the OTA bootloader, it starts advertising.


Is there any configuration needed if I want to use a chip with a different part number the the one on the development kit?


Thank you

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Re: EFR32BG1B SDK configuration



As we discussed in the SF case, this is not an issue about the bootloader itself, you can get the empty example compiled well with IAR. I think you could have a look at the "doc" folder, which has some documents inside can help you a lot.