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Debugging an EFM32 product on a custom board

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Where does one find documentation for developing to a custom board in Simplicity?  I'm using the EFR32BG1B132F256GM489



I've started a new MCU project with kit:none, part: EFR32BG1B132F256GM489 SDK: bluetooth smart sdk ...

I chose the example project SOC Demo Health Thermometer


In the resulting .isc window, "general" tab, I verified the IAR toolchain.  In the "other" tab, I deselected using the hardware configurator (because that led to dead ends in all previous efforts), and then generated.


The subsequent build fails due to a missing bspconfig.h file.

I created one based upon an existing, and then created my own bsp_bcp.h file because that one caused trouble.


I'm now unable to find all the references in the stack code to bspconfig.h.  (I really don't understand THAT.)


Suggestions welcome.


(Sadly, I get significantly more responses when I rant than when I ask calmly.  It seems it should not be that way.)


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Re: Debugging an EFM32 product on a custom board



Could try it with BLE SDK v2.0.0? It is much more flexible in case using custom hardware.

For this you need studio v4.






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Re: Debugging an EFM32 product on a custom board

Will there ever be support for adding a custom board to Simplicity Studio? I am doing something similar with an EFR32 product on a custom board. The functionality of SS is very limited if it only allows for generating for predefined kits. I am using SS v4 and Blue SDK 2.0.0 and can't find any way to add a custom board. It is possible to use the sample and modify it for the custom board, but it would be much more efficient for other projects to allow a custom board definition in Simplicity Studio to test additional applications on the same board.