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Bluetooth mesh has landed!

Hi everyone,


As you might know, Bluetooth SIG announced the Bluetooth mesh networking standard and we just announced our solution availability as one of the first silicon vendors to support the new Bluetooth mesh standard.


What is Bluetooth mesh?


Bluetooth mesh is a new network topology available for Bluetooth devices and developers. It enables many-to-many device communication and large scale Bluetooth networks for applications like intelligent lighting, home automation, indoor positioning, and asset tracking and more.


What’s Silicon Labs’ Position?


Due to our mesh networking background and leadership, Silicon Labs is uniquely positioned in the market to address and win a significant share of the upcoming Bluetooth mesh market. We have extensive experience in 802.15.4 mesh networking applications and we are known in the market as a mesh technology leader. Our tools and applications are specifically developed to address the needs of developers of mesh networking applications.


We are also one of the first - if not the first - company to announce a complete Bluetooth mesh development platform consisting of our Blue Gecko SoCs, modules, Bluetooth mesh stack, and SDK as well a unique solution which is a Bluetooth mesh stack and application for smart phones.


What we just launched?


The Bluetooth mesh solution we just announced is a beta but does enable our customers to start testing and evaluating Bluetooth mesh and as well developing applications on top of it and we aim at having a GA solution by end of this year.


I’ve summarized the resources available to you below and they describe what Bluetooth mesh is, what Silicon Labs provides for Bluetooth mesh developers and how to get started with demonstrating and developing with this technology. If you have any questions or need any additional materials, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Software, tools and development collaterals:


  • Simplicity Studio

Update to latest version to get access to Bluetooth mesh decoders for Network Analyzer


  • SDKs

Bluetooth Mesh SDK 1.0.0 beta is available via limited access and a new category “Bluetooth Mesh SDK” has been added

If you cannot access, please raise a ticket to Bluetooth support team.



  • QSG148: Bluetooth mesh lighting demo quick start guide

Walkthrough of the Out-of-Box demo application for WSTKs. Available within the SDK and at


  • AN1098: Bluetooth mesh lighting demo quick start guide

A developer document explaining how the Bluetooth mesh light bulb and switch demo applications works and how to develop Bluetooth mesh applications. Available within the SDK and at



Smart Phone applications


An application is available for Android which can be used to provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh nodes. It also implements Bluetooth mesh stack from GATT bearer to mesh models, which is needed for phones to “talk” to Bluetooth mesh nodes.

iOS application will be available later.


Web site updates


There’s a lot but here are a few key pages.


Bluetooth learning center

Primers on Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth beaconing
Links to our white papers and other collaterals


Bluetooth mesh software

Links to request access to the software and generic description of offering