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BGM12x footprint

It would be incredibly helpful if the datasheet included a table listing each pad, its dimension and its location (center of the pad).  This is a complex asymmetrical footprint and anything you can do to make it easier to layout will be appreciated.  Extracting pad location from figures 8.3 and 8.1 is tedious.  For instance what is the Y location of the row of pads containing pad 10 through 22?  You have to go to the package dimension and back it out from the distances from the package to the edge of the pad.  


Also the drawings are blurry.


Well, I feel better now. 

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Re: BGM12x footprint




You can find the design files of BRD4302A here:


Since this board carries a BGM121, you can obtain and reuse the footprint from it.


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Re: BGM12x footprint

Here is a preliminary BGM12x footprint attached with pad dimension and location numbers.

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Re: BGM12x footprint

Awesome thanks!!


I think the sign is missing from the x dimension for pads 8 and 10.  Are pads 42 and 43 the same size as pad 41?  Is pad 44 the same size as 50?


Finally do you have expansion values for the solder mask and paste mask? 


Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

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Re: BGM12x footprint

I am using the footprint for the BGM121/123 from the recommended zip file BRD4302A BGM121 Wireless Starter Kit and have notice that the trace spacing between pin 53 and 54 is 0.4mm where the recommended spacing on page 43 of the spec is 0.3mm.  Is this significant?