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BGM121 RX current with AEM



I want to measure the current consumption of BGM121 when it receives data, I used the 'BLE Tool' on Android phone to send HEX value to BGM121 using 'Thermometer Example' (as given in and then used AEM to monitor current. I am getting current peaks of 40 mA when I write HEX value from the app to BGM121. According to the datasheet, the RX current is 9 mA. can someone please tell me why I'm getting such a high value?   

I also turned the switch to "BAT" position before switching to "AEM" as given in


Thank you.



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Re: BGM121 RX current with AEM



Because on every connection interval there is both RX and TX activity from both master and slave devices, it's not like one is only transmitting and the other only receiving.