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BGM121 NCP mode set advertisement data

Hi there!


I'm using the BGM121 in NCP mode (flashed with the ncp-empty-target example firmware).


From the host MCU, using BGLIB, I'm able to Start and Stop advertising, set-up advertisement parameters, etc., but I can't configure the Advertisment and Scan Response packets data.


Follows the commands I'm using:


case gecko_evt_system_boot_id:
    printf("System booted. Starting advertising. \n");

    uint8_t const adv_data[] = {0x02, 0x01, 0x06, 0x07, 0x09, 'H', 'E', 'L', 'L', 'O', '!'};
    gecko_cmd_le_gap_set_mode(le_gap_non_discoverable, le_gap_non_connectable);
    gecko_cmd_le_gap_set_adv_data(0, sizeof(adv_data), adv_data);

    gecko_cmd_le_gap_set_adv_parameters(160, 160, 7);

    gecko_cmd_le_gap_set_mode(le_gap_general_discoverable, le_gap_undirected_connectable);



The BGM121 replies with Success to all the messages, but the advertisement data is never updated.


Appreciate any support with this issue.



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Re: BGM121 NCP mode set advertisement data

If you want to use custom data then the first parameter passed to gap_set_mode needs to be set to:

4 = le_gap_user_data


See BGAPI ref.manual, enum_le_gap_discoverable_mode


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Re: BGM121 NCP mode set advertisement data

dammit copy past! Didn't notice that I was using the wrong type there.


regarding the following line from BGAPI,
If advertisement mode is currently active, then new advertisement data will be used immediately.


This doesn't seem to be correct, I need to disable advertisement prior to set a new advertisement packet, correct?