SPP client example using BLED112 dongle

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The example project included in this article shows how to use BLED112 dongle as SPP client, enabling transparent UART communication with an SPP server as described in the following knowledge base article:

SPP-over-BLE BGScript example for BGM111


Example usage



# run with "list" option -> list all dongles (check the COM port number)
./SPP_Client.exe list

# scan for any BLE devices (scanning will stop after 5 seconds)
./SPP_Client.exe COMx scan

# connect to a SPP server
./SPP_Client.exe COMx <BT address>


This program has been tested on Cygwin. It can be built simply by running make. The following screenshot shows example run. Left side is the Cygwin shell where the BLED112 client example is run. Right side is TeraTerm connected to BGM111 development kit, running the BGM111 SPP server example.