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SmaRTClock differences in F41x and F92x

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Do someone can explain why after any type of RST, the F92x,F93x CPUs are clearing/reseting the 32-bits SmaRTClock counter/timer too?

F41x is not doing so with its 47-bits, which allows keeping the Real-Time-Counting.

Checked by one-and-the-same high level code, taking in account the differences in CPU implementations, ex. counter size, register addresses...


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Re: SmaRTClock differences in F41x and F92x


Do you mind to elaborate this in more detail, what page of the datasheet you see these difference on?


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Re: SmaRTClock differences in F41x and F92x

No, no. I am not describing difference in datasheets. In opposite, they are almost equal, but still not providing information about the fact that F412 is not reseting the RTC timer value during any kind of RST, while F930 is reseting it. Means, F412 is keeping counting based on value before the RST, but F930 starts from 0 after RST. Could be funny but this happens  even on software reset or on RST done by Flash programmer when code execution starts.

The problem, in fact a real and serious problem is that, a device using F412 needs to migrate to CPU with bigger RAM and better power characteristics, but F930 does not keep the same functionality regarding RTC. If the manufacturer is a different company, OK, but the reliability to follow the same company politic is obviously missed here. I have opened this discussion in order to have the Silabs' CPU designers opinion about how this issue is qualified: as an error that will be fixed or will be kept as it is. The answer of this question is important from our business point of view.