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Question on available packages



not sure where to put this question:


Why are there only a very limited number of package types available for EFM8? EFM8BB1 is available in SO-16 but not smaller like SO-8. But SO-8 is a standard package for other 8-bit MCU. We have a project where we may need to go for STM8 just because of this.


And it is difficult to make common designs with option for EFM8 or EFM32. Since standard package for EFM8 is mostly QFP-32 but EFM32 is only available from LQFP-48


Is there really no demand for smaller packages?




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Re: Question on available packages



I will pass your interest in smaller packaged parts on to marketing.  If you are interested in the smallest package possible, the EFM8 Sleepy Bee is available as a CSP16: