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Problems with IN_E2


I have a problem with my IN_E2 bulk endpoint. I developed a application that is downloaded in a USBXpress bootloader. My application doesn't USBXpress because I need the three IN Endpoints. 

I am sending data from IN_E2 

					  EUSB0_save = EIE1 & 0x02;				//   save USB interrupt enable bit
					  EIE1 &= ~0x02;							//   disable USB interrupt temporarily
					  POLL_WRITE_BYTE( INDEX, 2 );			// Load packet to FIFO

					 // FIFO_Write_idata( FIFO_EP2, EP2_PACKET_SIZE, In_Packet );
						 FIFO_Write_idata( FIFO_EP2, MAX_PACKET_BL_UART, In_Packet );

		              POLL_WRITE_BYTE( EINCSRL, rbInINPRDY );	// set FIFO ready flag
		              EIE1 |= EUSB0_save;

The problem is that my SW LibUSB tell me that there is a pipe error.


I'm sure tha I enable the descriptor and interruptions for IN_E2. I don't know what is wrong. In the other IN endpoints work fine and have the same configuration.


Could you help me? 




Norberto Jiménez


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Re: Problems with IN_E2

hi @NorbertoJ,


Which part did you use ?

And in fact, there are lots of usb related example code demonstrate how to usb the endpoint in the SDK, you can refer to them for how to sendpacket through special endpoint.



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Re: Problems with IN_E2

					  EUSB0_save = EIE1 & 0x02;				//   save USB interrupt enable bit					  EIE1 &= ~0x02;