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How to compile sample code for si477x-EVB

Hi Everyone

                  We are trying to compile the sample code for si477x-EVB with target c8051f340 .

We have one Main Board based on C8051F340 MCU and one Daughter card  based on si476/7 chip, We have example code provided by silab and we want to put that code in MCU for that we need Tool chain.I cant find much information on compilation and tool chain for si477x-evb ,can someone throw light on this matter as we have to test the code and make some modification on that code to test daughter card.

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Re: How to compile sample code for si477x-EVB


For MCU code I think you could try to use the Silicon Lab IDE or Simplicity Studio to build the code.

These 2 IDE include a free Keil toolchain without code size limitation.

The Simplicity Studio IDE and Silicon Labs IDE could be accessed here: