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I will configure the circuit with EFM8SB1. And debugging will use the USB Debug-Adapter. I do not know how to configure the circuit to use JTAG. the document("EFM8SB1_BRD5101A-A02-schematic") have a "Control MCU" and is it necessary? I think "Control MCU" is for Jlink. But when I use JTAG with USB Debug-Adapter, do I need all the circuits in the document?

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EFM8SB1 don't support JTAG, it use C2 that developed by Silabs.

The UDA was ok to used to debug the EFM8SB1. 

Basically speaking the EFM8SB1 STK included a JLINK debugger (C2 interface) that support debug/program EFM8SB1 and you don't need a external standalone UDA. As far as I know the integrated JLINK debugger in the EFM8SB1 STK was developed by Silabs and cooperation with Segger. 

The integrated JLINK debugger on EFM8SB1 use a separate "Control MCU" and it was from another MCU vendor, it support C2 to debug our 8-bit EFM8 MCU (in fact also some of C8051Fxxx, you could see the support list in Segger website) and SWD to debug our 32-bit EFM32 MCU.


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Mainly refer to the sheet 4 of the EFM8SB1 STK schematic, including power supply, C2 debug interface.


Also, please see the section 5 (page 31) of EFM8SB1 Datasheet for the typical power and debug connection.