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EFM8BB3 Comparator MUX selection

Hi there,

I am currently working around CMP0 module of the EFM8BB3 chip.

It looks ref. manual misled me:


On EFM8BB3 reference manual (page 152) there's a mistyped register setting entry:


At table 13.2, it stated  that,  CMXN=1111 for CMP(-) to Vdd connection. (see attached image)

Whereas '1111'  disconnects the input as a general "reserved" combination.

After spending two hours, I just put CMXN='1011' for Vdd connection and it worked.

Beware this!  



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Re: EFM8BB3 Comparator MUX selection

Yes, this is a known mistake for the RM. I saw an internal ticket to address this issue. Hope Silabs could fix it in next revision.

Thanks a lot for pointing out this to out attention.