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Current Consumption of EFM8SB10F8G-A-CSP16

The current consumption of the EFM8SB10FG is correct using the 24.5Mhz system clock but when dividing the clock the measured values don't match the datasheet i.e we get 3.9mA at 24.5Mhz but 1.7mA divided by 32 and 1.6mA divided by 128. We are able to get to the sleep current of 50nA so its not a issue of the current consumption of the peripheral circuit. Has anyone else seen this problem, or have a suggestion ?

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Re: Current Consumption of EFM8SB10F8G-A-CSP16



Can you attach the source code you used to examine these 4 cases (or at least the 3 Normal mode cases)?  Are you performing the operations described in Note 3 of the Power Consumption table?  What current values are you expecting to see in the /32 and /128 cases?  Can you attach a schematic of the board you are using to conduct this test?


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Re: Current Consumption of EFM8SB10F8G-A-CSP16


I will attach the code for this test shortly, for the sysclk/32 I will would expect 0.1mA and for sysclk/128 around 0.03mA.

We also tried the 16.4khz internal oscillator and got a current consumption of 1.45mA on a card with no components except the micro.

I suspect something is initialized incorrectly but the simlicity studio was used to configure the device registers, timers etc so perhaps someting is wrong there.