Socketboard for Programming the EFM8SB1-CSP16

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Does Silicon Labs sell a socketboard for programming the EFM8SB1 in the CSP16 package "out of circuit" (i.e. before soldering down to a custom board)?


Silicon Labs does not have a socket board available for purchase for programming the EFM8SB10F8G-CSP16. However, we did design a socket board for internal use with this chip/package.  The schematic, bill of materials, and gerber files for this board are attached to this article.  These can be downloaded and used to make your own board for programming purposes.








An alternative to programming parts using a socketboard in situations where in-circuit production programming is not an option is to order pre-programmed parts directly from Silicon Labs.  This is especially the case with a package such as the CSP16, as these are very small packages that are a bit difficult to deal with, and programming them with a socketboard would be very cumbersome in any quantity.  To order pre-programmed parts, please contact Silicon Labs Sales: