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Wonder Expansion Header Timer CC1 Pin

The Gecko Wonder Ref Manual says the TIMER1_CC1 should be PD7 or Expansion Header Pin 17.

I cannot get this Pin to Work for the Timer1 CC1. I Linked PD7 to a Simple LED Light to Turn on and Off. It works Fine for that.

The "Simplicity Studio's" Configurator shows TIMER1_CC1 to be PE11. There is no Expansion Pin for PE11.

Does anyone know the Correct Expansion Header Pin or How to Route it to an Expansion Pin?



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Re: Wonder Expansion Header Timer CC1 Pin

@JimBuhite, Several question: 1. where you found the Wonder Gecko regerence say the CC1 was routed to PD7, do you mind tell me the page number? 2. Usually the datasheet states where the CC1 would route to. This is also dependent on what package Wonder Gecko you are using. For example the GG990 could route CC1 to PE11 PB1 PB8 PD7, please read the datasheet on page 65. 3. You could refer to the AN0014 to know how the timer working, you could also implement your routine and test the CC1 function based on it.
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Re: Wonder Expansion Header Timer CC1 Pin

Thank You!

I changed the TIMER1 ROUTE Location to 4 (As Shown in Data Sheet) and it Worked as Expected!

I had been reading the User Manual Page 17. It did not Explain that you Had To Change ROUTE LOCATION!

Page 550 of the Reference Manual showed 6 Options for I/O Routing (LOC0-LOC5). It does not give Any Pin Numbers.

I had an Experimental Program working Fine using HYPERCLK as Input. I was Going Crazy trying to get it to work after changing to CC1 Input. ( It's been 30 Years since I got a BSEE and started working in Oil Field)