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SiM3x chip marking meaning

Dear Silicon laboratories support team,


i would like to ask you to clarify the chip marking of SIM3x device. For an example, the picture below, what the numbers(1131BCS701TW) in the chip marking means?




Thank you!





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Re: SiM3x chip marking meaning

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It is strange that both the RM and DS don't explain this mark.

The datasheet only mention the character in bold should be revision.

But I think this is very similar to the format in this KB:

You could create a ticket in our support portal for double confirm.


An interesting things I observed is that the revision information conflicted in your attached picture. I take a look at the datasheet and it seems there are 2 characters in the mark that indicate revision, but in your picture ('A' and 'B') it conflict each other.

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Re: SiM3x chip marking meaning

I got below update:

The third line reads, in this example, “1031BCS701”.

  • The first 4 numbers represent the date code in YYWW format where YY = year, WW = work week. In this example, the device is dated 2011, work week 31.
  • The character after the date code, e.g. “B”, represents the device revision.
  • The 5 characters after the device revision, e.g. “CS701”, are trace code.

Please let me know if this answer your question.