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Precision 32 Appbuilder DMA settings


I am new to the Precision 32 Appbuilder and IDE. I am trying to initialize  the SPI DMA on a SIMU3U166 device through the Appbuilder but could not find any DMA settings in in the toolbox. Any guidance is appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Precision 32 Appbuilder DMA settings

Hi @can10,


Thank you for your inquiry about using the Precision32 App Builder to initialize the DMA module on the SIM3U166 device.  I also am unable to locate DMA settings in the App Builder, and the DMA may not be configurable via App Builder due to the module's complexity.  There are, however, a number of useful resources you can use to get you started with the DMA of the SIM3U1xx devices, including example source code:


AN666: Usage Guide for SiM3U1XX, SiM3C1XX, and SiM3L1XX DMA and DTM Modules

AN666: Usage Guide for SiM3U1xx, SiM3C1xx, and SiM3L1xx DMA and DTM Modules (example code for SIM3U1xx)


Additionally, the following community post contains a list of many useful application notes for general help with Precision32 and the Precision32 tools:


Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions.





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Re: Precision 32 Appbuilder DMA settings

Hi Mitch, thank for your useful reply. While waiting for a reply, I managed to modify the existing Spi DMA example to transfer data to a LCD module but only at 512bytes at a time. Now I need to figure out now to use the ping pong mode to transfer the whole 72kb of data to fill up the whole screen. Regards