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Header File Issue After Update


        I'm working with simplicity studio and the BGM121. Last night I installed a new update for simplicity studio and now I can't get my previously working code to compile. There was an issue with some of the header files not being able to be located. I was able to re-include them, but the entire files are greyed out making the definitions they contain unavailable. Is there a way to fix this? I tried to even build the SOC_empty example, but even this gave a bunch of errors from the header files. Has anyone else had this issue recently/can suggest a workaround? Thanks!

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Re: Header File Issue After Update

Hi @labeardslee,


Strange! I am not able to reproduce this on my machine. Maybe the symbols are not included in the project after the update or maybe something broke during the update? Can you try the following - 


1. Clean and Build the project again

2. If 1 does not work, right click on the project. Go to Properties >> GNU ARM Assembler >> Symbols and make sure your part number has been defined (For example, EFM32PG1B200F256GM48 = 1).