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EFM32PG1 vs EFM32PG12

I am looking for some information that describes the differences between the PG1 and PG12 parts?


I can see on the website that there is a difference in Flash / RAM and energy usage but are the parts otherwise replaceable?


We designed our HW with a PG1, but with the release of the PG12 we would like to migrate.




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Re: EFM32PG1 vs EFM32PG12

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Based on my personal undertanding there is more difference, EFM32PG12 is more powerful than EFM32PG1. for a short example EFM32PG12 has 2 watchdogs (vs 1), dpll, 2 i2c (vs 1), lesense, CSEN, VDAC etc. but I dont see any document detail the porting guidance.

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Re: EFM32PG1 vs EFM32PG12

You can refer to AN0918.0 to get features that are available in EFM32PG12 but not in EFM32PG1.

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