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EFM32GG: UART Bootloader HEX- or BIN-file

I'm developing a board with EFM32GG280 chip and want to use the UART bootloader for SW updates.

Unfortunately I overwrited the factory preprogrammed bootloader during first developing steps.

Thus, I checked the AN0003 and the SW coming along with it.

But I did not find the appropriate BIN- or HEX-file for GiantGecko (not the USB version).

Also, I was not successful in building a new bootloader using the SW sources comming with the AN0003, because there are very specific constructs for IAR, what I'm not using.

So, my question would be if it is possible to get the BIN- or HEX-file of the UART-bootloader for EFM32GG280. The version before overwriting it was "1.60".

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Re: EFM32GG: UART Bootloader HEX- or BIN-file

Attached. You should also be able to get these binaries in the AN0003 appnote through Studio, or from here: