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EFM32(JG) current draw with micro held in reset ?

How much current should someone expect to see on all power supply pins combined, while the micro is held in reset, assuming that all GPIO lines are pulled to a valid logic state ?


Although it's difficult for me to prove because of the PCB layout, the micro on my design appears to be drawing approximately 70uA in this condition. My design only uses the internal RC oscillators.


Is this normal ?  Are there RC oscillators running ?  



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Re: EFM32(JG) current draw with micro held in reset ?

Hi Gahelton1,


We don't have a spec for current draw while in reset.  If you are trying to reduce power consumption, it is generally better to go into a low power mode such as EM2, EM3, or EM4.  You can exit any of these states with a pin reset, in addition to other wakeup sources.  


I don't expect the oscillators to be running during reset.