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Digitally signing driver files

Hi All, I have a device that has USB serial comms. using the Silicon Labs VID with a product specific PID sub-licensed from SiLabs. I have created a simple .inf file to install drivers (point to the folder the file is stored in and do Update Driver in Device Manager). This all works nicely, with one problem: Windows reports that the driver is unsigned. Is it possible to get the driver signed so this problem does not exist? I seem to have noted that this is not possible for sub-licensed PIDs, but I don't know if this is correct or not (or why it would not be possible). (Note: Windows 10 functions without this problem as it installs drivers correctly and automatically, but I know that we will have customers not using Windows 10). Thanks for you help, Vandermyer
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Re: Digitally signing driver files

Hi @vandermyer,


Check out this Knowledge Base article for some guidance:


We've done a fair bit of this for the drivers for our CP21xx bridge devices, and you'd need to go through the same hoops, too, with your own PID even though you already have a Silicon Labs VID.