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Debug and Programming EFM32

Hello everybody!
I'm just starting to work with EFM32GG ...
While working with EFM32GG-STK3700. But soon I'm going to develop my own motherboard. And then the question arises. Which interface for programming and debugging should be laid and what debugger programmer should I use for debugging?
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Oleg Nicolaiciuc
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Re: Debug and Programming EFM32


With regards to designing your own board, refer to AN0002 which contains important informating with regards to basic hardware connections. Specifically, see section 3 about debugger connections. As for which device you can use for programming and debugging your board, you can use a Silicon Labs STK in Debug OUT mode, if you make the necessary connections to the Debug connector. For example, if you look at the STK3700 user guide, section 9.3 will explain the debug connector. So you don't have to buy a new device just for that. (For production programming, there are other offerings of course.)


As for which pins you need for debugging:


  • At the very minimum, you need to connect SWDIO, SWCLK, VDD and GND to the debugger.
  • If you need console output, you can use SWO.
  • If you need to use some sort of stuff that requires it, connect RESET too. See this thread about when you need it.

Further advice:


  • I recommend to also read AN0002's sections about how to connect the power supply, what kind of capacitors are needed, etc. It can spare you a lot of headache.