Series 0 and series 1 EFM32/EZR32/EFR32 device

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I saw sometimes you mentioned series 0 and series 1 device for EFM32/EZR32/EFR32 device, what this naming mean?


MCU Series 0 consists of:

• EFM32 Gecko (EFM32G)
• EFM32 Giant Gecko (EFM32GG)
• EFM32 Wonder Gecko (EFM32WG)
• EFM32 Leopard Gecko (EFM32LG)
• EFM32 Tiny Gecko (EFM32TG)
• EFM32 Zero Gecko (EFM32ZG)
• EFM32 Happy Gecko (EFM32HG)


Wireless MCU Series 0 consists of:

• EZR32 Wonder Gecko (EZR32WG)
• EZR32 Leopard Gecko (EZR32LG)
• EZR32 Happy Gecko (EZR32HG)


MCU Series 1 consists of:
• EFM32 Jade Gecko (EFM32JG1/EFM32JG12/EFM32JG13)
• EFM32 Pearl Gecko (EFM32PG1/EFM32PG12/EFM32PG13)
• EFM32 Giant Gecko (EFM32GG11)


Wireless SoC Series 1 consists of:
• EFR32 Blue Gecko (EFR32BG1/EFR32BG12/EFR32BG13)
• EFR32 Flex Gecko (EFR32FG1/EFR32FG12/EFR32FG13)
• EFR32 Mighty Gecko (EFR32MG1/EFR32MG12/EFR32MG13)