5V tolerant I/O for EFM32PG/JG

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Could we apply 5V input to pads when the part EFM32PG/JG is unpowered?

When we routed the 5V tolerant GPIO to analog module through the APORT, could we apply 5V input to the pads any more?


The datasheet specification for 5V tolerant pads is specifically indicated as the minimum of 5.25V and VDDIO + 2V (table 4.1 on page 10 of the datasheet). It is not permitted to apply 5V to pads when the parts is unpowered.


When a 5V tolerant GPIO pin is routed to the analog module through the APORT, the maximum voltage could apply to the pad is IOVDD. This was also stated in the note part of the datasheet (on page 10 of the datasheet).


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